Our Club has a host of Activities for our members to enjoy.


Our Club complies with California Department of Health guidelines due to COVID-19 for private social gatherings. Currently, in-person gatherings are allowed in outdoor settings with physical distancing and masks. Many of our Activities meet virtually using Zoom and other platforms until indoor in-person gatherings are allowed.


Currently Meeting:

  • American Mah Jongg – A game played with four players using tiles stamped with Chinese symbols. Meets weekly, currently using a virtual platform.
  • Bloomers  – Presentations and expert tips on gardening topics; includes field trips and activities. Monthly tips shared via email. Hoping to resume in-person next fall.
  • Book Club– “Just for Fun” light reading books are selected, read, and discussed as a group. Meets month, currently on Zoom.
  • Breakfast Club– Social gathering over breakfast. Meets monthly, currently on Zoom.
  • Bridge Babes – A trick taking card game played by four players in two competing partnerships. Meets monthly, currently virtual gathering.
  • Bunco After Dark– A dice game played with twelve or more people tracking individual scores. Meets monthly, currently via Zoom.
  • Connection Meditation– Connecting body and inner stillness to help us remain calm. Meets weekly, currently on Zoom.
  • Creative Crafters – Gathering together for friendship over crafts. Meets monthly in a member’s backyard.
  • Culinary Capers– Evening dinner around a menu theme with food brought by all. Meets monthly in an outdoor setting.
  • Golf the Par Tee Gals– Playing 9 holes of golf for a bit of outdoor fun. Meets bi-monthly at local courses.
  • Kitchen Gatherings– Our host will share favorite dishes and/or demo unique kitchen tools. Meets monthly, currently via Zoom.
  • Movie Meetup– Watching preselected movies individually, then gathering for discussion. Meets monthly, currently on Zoom.
  • Simply Socializing– Meet new friends and nurture existing friendships. Meets monthly at a local park.
  • Travel Buddies – Sharing our experiences, recommendations, and friendship. Meets monthly in an outdoor setting.
  • Walkie Talkies – Weekday mornings walking the neighborhoods of EDH. Meets Monday through Friday at predetermined locations.