Our club has a host of Activities  for our members to enjoy. We are always looking for new ideas or suggestions for new activities.  If there is something you would like to see added to our list  please contact us and let us know.

Currently Meeting:

  • American Mah Jongg –  A game played with four players using tiles stamped with Chinese symbols. Contact Lori Winters
  • Bloomers  – Presentations and expert tips on gardening topics, includes field trips, and more. Contact Laurel Rady or Donna Marshall
  • Book Club – Enjoyable books are selected, read, and discussed as a group. Contact Jackie Phillips
  • Breakfast Club – Social gathering over breakfast. Contact Barbie Johnson or Jackie Phillips
  • Connection Meditation – Connecting body and inner stillness to help us remain calm. Contact Alison Pearce
  • Creative Crafters – Creating through various mediums. Contact Kathy Means or Jackie Phillips
  • Culinary Capers – Evening dinner around a menu theme with food brought by all.  Contact Susan Macaluso
  • Golf the Par Tee Gals – Playing 9 holes of golf at local courses. Contact Susan Macaluso or Lynn Mann
  • Health Nuts – Enjoy a plant-based lunch and discuss chapters from a nutrition/health book. Contact Susan Parkinson
  • Movie Meetup – Watching a movie followed by discussion. Contact Kathy Means
  • Simply Socializing –  Meet new friends and nurture existing friendships in the comfort of a member’s home. Contact Michelle Petro
  • Thirsty Thursdays – Enjoy popular spots to enjoy a beverage and meet new friends. Contact Jennifer Novak
  • Travel Buddies – Ladies meeting to share travel experience and future plans.  Contact Susan Macaluso

Will Resume When Social Distancing No Longer Required:

  • Bridge – Contract bridge is a trick taking card game played by four players in two competing partnerships. Contact Gail Carruthers
  • Bunco After Dark – A dice game played with twelve or more people, rotating tables, tracking individual scores. Contact Ruthie Kidder
  • Bunco Belles – An afternoon group Contact Barbie Johnson
  • Bunco Buddies – Another evening group. Contact Gloria Marquez
  • Chicks and Chips – Poker: Texas  Hold ’em Style. Contact Barbie Johnson
  • Crazy Rummy– A fast moving easy to learn card game. Contact Kathy Means
  • Gals on the Go – Exploring the area together. Contact Gerrine Peckinpaugh
  • Lunch Bunch –  Enjoy a good lunch, exploring the greater El Dorado and Sacramento area. Contact Joyce Mathey
  • Mexican Train – Played with number dominoes in groups of 3-6. Contact Lizet Fotenos
  • Pinochle – Ace-ten card game for 2-4 ladies and a 48 card deck; trick taking and melds. Contact Gay Willyard
  • We Got Game – Hand and Foot, a form of Canasta. Contact Linda Risdon
  • Wine -1-1 – Wine and appetizer event held every other month and includes spouses. Contact Irene Haaf